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Born in Paris from Japanese parents, I initially pursued a career as an actress in theater, audiovisuals, voiceovers, and cinema.

Simultaneously, I worked as a communication consultant, hand model, and French accent coach.

Coming from a lineage of chefs, I graduated in Raw Food from Matthew Kenney's school in 2018.

From there, I wrote, performed, and directed "1,2,3 sucré," a show about healthy eating. This project was a necessity for me at a time when most future adults have lost their bearings on balanced nutrition.

I hold onto this key phrase: "The quality of what you eat influences the quality of your blood, which influences the quality of your thoughts."

In 2014, I discovered the path of cellular memory, followed by the Akashic Records in 2021.

I first heard about the Akashic Records from a colleague who had a consultation a few months earlier. Without fully understanding, the words "Akashic Records" resonated strongly, as if a part of me recognized them. As months passed, the feeling didn't fade.

An inner voice kept telling me, "Be an Akashic consultant!" So, I decided to have a session where I learned that my soul is well-acquainted with the Akashic Records, convincing me to pursue the training. It would change my life forever.

After this training, my ancestral knowledge was reactivated, and I discovered that the gift of mediumship comes from my ancestors.

Today, I offer consultations tailored to your needs: cellular memory session (transgenerational and body aspects), soul reading, Akashic records session, private guidance, or animal communication.

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