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"Hello, Azuki (as well as to everyone reading this message). :)

I've only had one session with you. And, to be honest, it was very transformative. It seems that, more than healing, it was an awareness I needed. :)

Following this guidance (well, a few weeks after, to be precise; time to implement some of your recommendations), synchronicities multiplied on my path, making me understand that my encounter with you was planned long before I stumbled upon your YouTube channel.

When I think back, it's quite incredible to see how much has changed in just one session, especially since things had been somewhat stagnant for a while.

Kindness, compassion, authenticity, gentleness, listening, wisdom, humor... You are 'in real life' just as you are in your videos. And I know that if, one day, I need another guidance or session with you, I will be in very good hands. :)

You are one of those 'beautiful souls' currently incarnated to uplift us. I have no doubt about that!

As for me, I wholeheartedly recommend you. Twice over, even. ^^

Thank you for EVERYTHING, Azuki. You know what I mean by that. :)

I also sincerely thank my ancestors without whom I probably wouldn't have known you.

I wish you nothing but the best, Azuki (and to you, dear reader). :)

(Finally, my only regret was not 'meeting' June. :P)"

Florent Escadafals




"Thank you infinitely, Azuki, for your kindness, your understanding without judgment. The transgenerational session where you led me to so much understanding of my choices and actions was invaluable. You pinpointed the exact issues, enabling the deconstruction of unconscious repetitive patterns. This has allowed me to move forward with greater awareness. Expressing where I stand is not an easy task, and you do it beautifully. I am so grateful that the guides led you onto my path to healing. Infinite gratitude."

Léonor Foxton


"I wanted to write to you after the consultation to thank you for your words. I specifically chose you because I know you are honest, clear, and direct—precisely what I appreciate about you and what I needed. So, thank you for being yourself, for daring to go into those painful places because I know that heavy emotions pass through you when you receive them. Thank you for not encouraging denial; I believe it's important, and thanks for bringing joy into the pain we may feel from certain experiences. I am glad I had this consultation; it touched me deeply."

Roxane Diebold


"Azuki, you will never know how much of a blessing you have been in my life. Since our consultation, realizations related to events in my life and the transgenerational aspect have come one after the other, liberating me from childhood wounds. It's been a very difficult but very rich period in realizations. Thank you so much for being a light on my path. ❤️ 11"

Aurore Michel


"Thanks to you and after your consultation and treatment, I feel more liberated, more in tune with myself, in harmony with the world, and with the desire to move forward with joy and lightness! Thank you, thank you, thank you... what a magnificent soul you are."

Muriel G


"I recommend a consultation with Azuki for a soul and cellular memory reading. Many things have happened since. I will come back to her when I feel the need. Moreover, she is a very gentle person, attentive, but also very funny and punchy at the same time. She is a person with true humanity. Thanks again to you, Azuki."

Nelly Art


"Thank you so much, Azuki, for everything you brought to me through your cellular memory practice. I was completely unfamiliar with this technique, but it is a wonderful transformation tool. Each session was a discovery, a new gateway to understanding myself, and your powerful and compassionate summaries allowed me to put the body's messages into practice for a more serene life."

Anouk Troillet


"After my second session, I can only recommend her. She is a warm, understanding therapist who welcomes you into a bubble of well-being with her cat Jun, who is very sociable and tender with you. Since the two sessions, I have become aware of many things and have gained more perspective on myself and my surroundings. We allow ourselves to heal and better understand with distance and kindness. Thank you, Azuki, looking forward to seeing you again."

Raja Mauve


"The session with Azuki was very accurate. It allowed me to pinpoint unconscious and unsuspected patterns. This then initiated an internal process to finally accept my place (essential as a therapist!) I highly recommend a session with Azuki, full of gentleness and kindness."

Geoffrey Métais


"In just four sessions, I have learned a lot and made significant progress on what I wanted to work on. Azuki really takes the time to delve into things and answer all our questions. We identified truly crucial elements that allowed me to move forward with more awareness, and to regain strength. I recommend Azuki, as well as the sweetness of her little cat. :) Thank you, Azuki!"

Dominika Troicka


"I can only recommend Azuki. She is a therapist of incredible intelligence, patience, and fine subtlety. I have been accompanied by her since March, and I know this journey is precious. THANK YOU SO MUCH 🙏🏽🌠"

Hello Light



"Of all the channels I've watched on YouTube, I believe you are the most incredible. Every time I watch your guidance videos, it speaks to me clearly, and there are synchronicities that cannot be ignored. I am a Gemini rising, and indeed, my work revolves around art. I spend so much time thinking that I hardly go out anymore. I dislike the city, but currently, I have no choice but to continue living here, so connecting with Gaia is not easy. I remember the first time I watched your channel; it had a strange effect on me, and I felt a 'strong presence,' but something beautiful. It turns out I chose option number 2, and it's very true. Thank you, Azuki, and happy holidays to you".

Lucie Duclosart


"Choice 3. I am amazed; you described me completely—my thirst and hunger for knowledge and spirituality! Incredible, and my father is the complete opposite! Virgo, and I'm Pisces, exactly opposite! I am almost at the point of being in breatharianism because earthly food tires me and doesn't interest me. You have also nailed it on defining boundaries. You also saw the cut with the paternal lineage! It's crazy! Wow! And yes, my mission is to serve... as a good fish. Bravo, that's exactly it!"


"As usual, your message is perfectly aligned with what I am experiencing at this moment. It's extraordinary. Choice 3, life path 33, and today you have 3.33k followers, a life mission of healing the inner child. I understand from your guidance that our paths are similar, so thank you for all the support. I have been following you since the beginning of the year, and each time I am touched, amazed, and comforted. Thank you would not be enough because, in a way, with your guidance, you have helped me finalize a healing step each time. Infinite gratitude that God, the universe, the source repay you a thousand times. I love you, soul sister."

Sweet and Sweet


"Hello Azuki. I have been watching medium videos for several weeks. When I stumbled upon your video this morning, I felt a strange sensation, as if I liked you. And when the explanation of the draw began, it was very strong, many emotions welled up in me, wanting to cry as if someone was telling me my life. In any case, thank you very much for this message. Have a beautiful day to you and all subscribers."

Daniel Don Carli


"Hello Azuki, this draw is amazing. I have been feeling unwell for a week due to my family, a suffering that you analyzed. Thank you for restoring my confidence. I took out my tarot, and as you spoke, the cards said the same thing. Thank you... thank you."

Cathy Baldini



Thank you so much for your report.

I have taken note of the various points mentioned.

I started by releasing them from their chain this morning, putting water around the house for them, playing with the ball, hair in the wind with a white flower in the ear. Indeed, I had briefed Loulou and his comrades for the baby (12 days old).

It is true that I gave them beef pellets, veterinary kibble, but less chicken. I am aware of their needs and thank him for his very important message for me.

I am also aware that he is my mirror and will do everything to make our life extraordinary.

I have petted his nose and embraced him as well as his comrades.

I am very grateful to Loulou and his comrades. This has changed my way of seeing animals and things a lot.

I am very grateful to you for your dedication on this occasion.

Thank you for everything.

Tiare Buchin


"Thank you so much, Azuki, for this wonderful gift of being able to listen and hear my dog Diabolo through you. Thank you, my little heart Diabolo, for your messages of love, support, and encouragement. I will always love you, my Grizouille!... Yours, Valérie."

Valérie Joubert

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