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This soul reading is an invitation to go into your true self.

This special meeting with yourself is a way to reconnect with your higher self to get answers to your existential and spiritual questions.

These answers will allow you to find more serenity, because bringing these gray areas into awareness is the key to making the changes you want in your life. ​


During this session with your true self, I will accompany you to:

• Position yourself in order to re-align your life path and your soul mission


• Acknowledge the reasons of your incarnation


Highlight your strengths and what you came to learn here on earth


• Become aware of your hidden repetitive patterns and the consequences on your life.


• Having concrete answers from your higher soul so that you can continue your path with more serenity.


• Give you a concrete act of rehabilitation in order to empower you and heal.


• Rebalance yourself by carrying out an energetic cleansing


Please send me an email with the subject line:

“Soul reading session” with the information below:

Your date of birth, place and time of birth

Your first, middle and last name

A photo (portrait)

The session takes 1h15

The rate is €222 (rate applied in the EU only).

**Any session canceled 48 hours before is due ​ ​

This consultation does not replace a consultation with your doctor​








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