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For those who have not seen my channel @azukihagino, I do readings on various themes (spiritual, relationships, career...). ​ ​


Thanks to my connection to the Source, I accompany people who want more clarity in their lives or want answers to their questions. ​ (Temporary suspendend)


This service does not require an appointment. ​ Just send me an email with your questions. ​ You will then receive a video link with your private guidance. (You will be able to view the video without time limit). ​ ​



•The rate is:

- 75€ for 3 questions max.

- 100€ for 5 questions max. ​


Please send me an email with

•your first name  / middle name / last name

•your date, exact time and place of birth


•a photo (frontal portrait)


• your open ending questions starting with: “what does this mean, for what reason, how…” explaining the situation to me in one sentence if necessary. ​

Upon receipt of your payment, you will receive your private guidance within approximately 2 working days.







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