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This transgenerational reading is an invitation to the heart of what your cells have recorded since you've been conceived, and beyond.


In fact, you come from the cell of your parents who themselves come from the cells of their own parents... There is therefore a constant cellular dialogue with your ancestors and your family history, like the information recorded about you . ​

This consultation is a way to reconnect with your roots in order to have answers concerning your problems or your questions which may come from a transgenerational aspect which persists, from events linked to conception or gestation, or even to free yourself of interference. These awarenesses will allow you to make necessary updates and encode new information at the cellular level to effect change, through rehabilitation and concioussness. ​

During this session, I will accompany you to:

• Allow you to recognize and reconnect with your family and transgenerational history

• Become aware of your hidden repetitive patterns linked to your ancestors or your conception/gestation, and the consequences on your life here on earth.

• Highlight your resources and strengths transmitted by your ancestors

•Deliver messages from your cellular body or information related to your ancestors

• Implement an act of re-education to give you the means to make a change in your life

• Rebalance yourself by carrying out an energetic cleansing


Please send me an email with the subject line:

“Cellular memory session” with the information below:

Your date of birth, place and time of birth

Your first, middle and last name

A photo (portrait)

The session takes 1h15

The rate is €222 (rate applied in the EU only).

**Any session canceled 48 hours before is due ​ ​

This consultation does not replace a consultation with your doctor​










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