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Understanding Your Pet
for a Better Life in Harmony

Every living being has its place and possesses its own way of communicating by sending distinctive signals.

For example, wagging the tail doesn't have the same meaning for a cat as it does for a dog.

Similarly, the way you communicate with your pet (or vice versa) can sometimes lead to misunderstandings between you.

If an animal is sending strong signals, such as going to the bathroom everywhere in the house, becoming very aggressive in certain situations, causing damage in the owner's absence, or engaging in excessive barking, it means the animal is trying to communicate something important to you.

As long as you don't understand these signals and engage in misconceptions like "oh, he must be sad that I leave without him," or "I'm not present enough, so he's throwing a tantrum" it will create suffering on both sides.

Sometimes, you may not know its past, especially if you obtained your pet after it was weaned and/or as an adult, or if you rescued it from a shelter, for example. Similar to a human being, an animal may show signs of post-traumatic stress that you are not aware of.

In such cases, it is necessary to undergo an energy healing to relieve these crystallizations preventing the animal from moving towards well-being.

How does a session work?

Simply send me questions related to your pet (up to 4), which can be practical or otherwise.

For this, I need its name, as well as two photos (portrait + full-body).

When the animal is ready, I conduct animal communication with it. I transcribe the exact words of your companion. We can talk about telepathy with your animal here.

There is no need for an appointment*.

You will receive a link that only you will have access to within 1 working week after receiving your payment.

The fee for animal communication is €75 (applies in the EU).

If you wish to provide energy healing for your pet, there is an additional €25 charge

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