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Akashic Records are like a vast library which contain all the information that you have accumulated throughout your past lives and which was veiled at the time of your incarnation. It will help you to reconnect with your soul memories.


This consultation will allow you to connect with your higher soul, in order to continue your path in a spiritual level.​ ​

If you are wondering about the meaning of certain events, links or attachments that you are unable to understand according to your relationships (karmic links, twin soul, twin flame, etc.) or in connection with a more spiritual aspect, this consultation can help you to have keys to understanding and release some emotional aspects which can hamper your fulfillment.

At the end of the consultation, there is a rehabilitation as well as an energetic cleansing which is carried out during the session.


Please send me an email with the subject line:

“Akashic Memories Consultation” with the information below:

Your date of birth, place and time of birth

Your first, middle and last name

A photo (portrait)


The session takes 1 hour. ​

The rate is €120 (applied in the EU only) ​


**Any session canceled 48 hours before is due ​ ​


This consultation does not replace a consultation with your doctor​








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